My Safari Life. 


I believe that we all live increasingly unnatural and disconnected lives.
I believe that we need to strive to be more wild again.
I believe that a story well told can make a difference.
I believe that there are answers to be found in Nature to questions we have unlearnt to ask.
I believe that we are all born explorers.
I believe that we are all adventurers.
I believe that we are all children who need to go outside and play again.
I believe that we are not as detached from Nature as we might think.

And I’m aiming to tell stories that will help us remember.



WONDERFUL WILD is a travel blog with the focus on wilderness destinations, adventure-travel,safaris and eco-tourism. This blog wants to spark the joy of traveling individually and provides well-established tips and information to go on wilderness adventures and explore the world responsibly!

As TV-producer, blogger and writer I offer the full range of content-creation. I am also a qualified field guide and always ready for new adventures in Africa!

For inquiries and questions please send me an email: hello(at)wonderful


These are possible ways for us to work together:


  • Individual blogging- & research trips with bilingual coverage on the blog & in social media
  • Press trips that promise exciting and fitting content for Wonderful Wild
  • Product tests (outdoor-products, photo-gear and everything else that comes in handy on safari!)
  • Hotel & Lodge recommendations
  • Travel literature and airline recommendations
  • Long-term cooperations as your brand ambassador with custom-made campaigns and an individual take on your brand
  • Social Media Consulting: Let me look after your social media channels and spread a strong message that sticks!


Let’s tell your inspiring stories and make a difference…



Writing to me is like breathing. I’m always looking for new and creative ways to tell a story. Hire me to write a piece for your corporate blog or travel magazine. Topics I write about cover the following: Safari, Southern Africa, how to become a safari-guide, finding your own truth, finding the courage to live the life you deserve.

Let me take you far away with my words…



I am a trained tv-producer with eight years of experience in the industry. Let me create wonderful, wild and emotive image-films for your brand or company. Find some examples on my Vimeo-channel.

Let’s show them how it feels to be alive…



A life less ordinary: From the living room to the wild!

As tv-producer and safari-guide I know of the importance to capture an audience with words. My talks and readings contain funny anecdotes, but also emotional stories that make you think; practical tips to get going and a whole lot of inspiration and wanderlust, after which you cannot wait to get going yourself!

What you can expect:

If you decide to book me as a speaker, you can expect the following:

  1. Personal consolidation before the event, so I can meet your expectations
  2. Promotion for your event  on my blog and social-media-channels
  3. Professional delivery full of humor, anecdotes, inspiration and wanderlust


Let’s inspire face to face…



My passion – the African wild – lead me to South Africa, Botswana and Namibia in 2015 to train as a professional field guide. I successfully completed the following courses and gained all the required qualifications:

  • Field Guide Level 1
  • Back-Up Trails Guide
  • Advanced Rifle-Handling
  • Tracker & Signs – Level 2
  • Wilderness Medicine Level 1 & Level 2
  • Basic birding
  • Navigation & Orientation

I am registered with FGASA and CATHSSETA and would be delighted to work for your safari company as a safari-guide, media-expert or translator.

Let’s create memories that will last forever…


Why you should choose WONDERFUL WILD as your partner:

    • Heartfelt content that always leaves the reader with something to ponder over
    • Creative new angles in storytelling (this is not an empty word, but a promise I take seriously!)
    • Endearing and appealing central characters in each story: Wilderness, Nature & the omnipresent longing for Freedom each one of us can relate to
    • Loyal and true audience mainly from Germany, the US and the UK
    • Share-worthy content
    • Professional and fun collaborations


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