All you need to know about the Wonderful Wild Women Safaris hosted by Gesa Neitzel.

Dear friends,

May I just say that I’m blown away by you? Your feedback, love and support especially on Instagram really means the world to me. It is by far my favourite platform and I really feel like I’m slowly growing a channel over there where like-minded, good and positive people meet.

I was especially blown away by your overwhelming feedback towards my idea of a women-only safari-retreat – a dream I have had in the back of my mind for a while now.

In 2020, it will become a reality.

The Wonderful Wild Women safari organised by safariFRANK and accompanied by myself and Frank sold out in less than a week. Holy moly… I did not see this coming and was so nervous about releasing that tour.

But because of your great feedback and an actual waitlist (!!! you ladies blow my mind) for another Wonderful Wild Women safari, Frank and I sat down over the last few weeks and decided to give you more than just one tour date in 2020.

It has been my silent wish to turn these Wonderful Wild Women safaris into a regular thing and to host a few of these tours each year, nurturing a community of like-minded, warm-hearted wild women from all over the world who wish to connect with Nature on a deeper level and find their true purpose in life.

For 2020, we decided to add two more dates for the Wonderful Wild Women safaris – one more in South Africa and one in Botswana – the country that will play a big role in my second book “THE WONDERFUL WILD” and which is closest to Franks and my heart. Here we have also planned one of my favourite safari-experiences: We will visit the adorable Meerkats of the salt-pans!

Without further ado, just click on the photo below to get to safariFRANK – my favourite travel agent who organises these tours – and see the new dates for the Wonderful Wild Women safaris:

Before I log off, the following is also an attempt to answer the two most frequently asked questions about these Wonderful Wild Women safaris:

1. Why women only?

Honestly? This idea just came to me one day after reading “Women who run with the wolves” by Clarissa Estés. I thought to myself: Why only wolves? – Elephants form just as original-a-bond with the pristine Wilderness we have all lost touch with. The idea was born and developed over time. And when the tour came out – your feedback confirmed that there seems to be a need for this type of retreat amongst wild women.

2. Why is it “so expensive”?

Over on facebook, the comments under my announcement-post exploded in the negative direction regarding the price for this safari. I would like to respond to this today by saying the following: With all due respect: I will not apologise nor change my mind about the fact that I want to give the ladies on these tours the best experience possible. Safaris, to begin with, are not cheap – especially when done in remote Wilderness areas like the ones we take you to, with the best local guides (not talking about Frank and myself, but about our local partners and friends who join the tours 😉 ) . The only way to make the tours cheaper would be to allow more people to join – which would bring the costs down, yes.

Here are three reasons why this is not ideal – and in fact, not even possible:

  • Game drive vehicles. If there are more than six guests, we won’t be able to sit on the same vehicle during the game drives.
  • Bush Walks (which are an integral part of our safaris). They are limited to a certain amount of people for safety reasons.
  • Lodge capacity. The places we love and support within our tours have a maximum amount of people they can take.

I do understand that it is a lot of money for some people and that it won’t be possible for everyone to join these tours. However, if you care to do some research about privately-guided safaris in Africa to exclusive camps like the ones we visit – you will find that – I’m so sorry to say this – sadly, this is how much it costs. In fact, the Wonderful Wild Safaris come at a very fair price when you look at what you actually get.

These tours are a big dream of mine and I have the best interest at heart for everyone involved. I’m forever grateful for every woman who would like to embark on this journey with me. But I also totally understand if this is simply too much money for some.

Lots of love,