Pretty straight forward, here comes a list with all the tools I have in my mobile safari kitchen + some essential tips and tricks when camping and cooking deliciously vegan meals on the road (not only) in Africa.

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Vegan Campfire Cooking List:

  • Tongs (big red ones in the photo to handle wood and coals / use these ones to cook)
  • Glasses with handle and lid. (Mine also have measurements on the side. Very handy!)
  • Cast-iron-skillet ( the most important tool in my box! It is super heavy but ideal for almost any dish to cook on an open fire and not have the pan burn away. This is a MUST-HAVE! Apparently, cooking in cast-iron can also help with iron deficiency – very interesting for us vegans who might be worried at times if we get all the nutrients we need.)
  • “Dutch Oven” or “Fire Pot” made from cast-iron.
  • Bread Pot (you got it: this is what I use to bake my breads. You can also use it to fry chips for example, filling it with oil, bring to a boil, add thinly cut slices of potato – yummy)
  • Kettle (can’t live without it. ) and a Stanley (you buy one once in your lifetime and it will stay with you forever)
  • Potjie (typical South African pot with three little legs made from cast-iron.)
  • Cutlery (I swear by these knifes)
  • Chopping board
  • Solar-lights + Rechargeable Head-torch
  • Braai-Grid ( Normally used for meat, I use this to fry veggies and sandwiches or when I need a flat surface for my pots)
  • Wonderful Wild Enamel Cups
  • Enamel Dishes (Mine look like the nightsky…)
  • Wooden Spoons
  • Additionally: Gas-cooker in case it rains or for those quick lunches when you don’t need an actual campfire
  • Worth considering: A kit like this one with all the essentials combined

And here come some quick and dirty camping tips:

  • Boil your hot water for that first morning coffee the night before and fill your Stanley thermo bottle with it- this way you won’t need to worry about making a fire in the morning. (Could even take it with you in the tent and enjoy that first cup while still under the sheets…)
  • You will need tin-foil. Lots of tin-foil…
  • If you are frying veggies on the braai-grid or anywhere else that isn’t a pan or a pot (e.g. tin-foil-potatoes) – YOU NEED TO WAIT FOR COALS. Don’t cook these above the actual flames.
  • Potatoes take an awful lot of time to cook on the fire. Plan in a lot of time if you want yours to be soft. (The sweet-spot for tinfoil-potatoes lies between 30-40 minutes on hot coals. Bare in mind, you first need to wait to get some coals from the burning wood…)
  • Never cook against the wind.
  • Always cook more than you need and plan to eat it for lunch the next day.
  • If you ran out of firelighters: Soak a bit of toilet-paper in vegetable oil, place under your firewood together with some small twigs and/ or dry leaves and burn.
  • Don’t forget to oil your cast-iron pots with a bit of veggie-oil after washing (otherwise they will get rusty)
  • Stay calm. Things will burn (hopefully only food and not your hair…), meals will taste aweful, you will curse the day you decided you wanted to go camping. But don’t worry, it’s all going to be okay in the end.

I hope this helps, my lovelies! Happy camping-cooking!

Lots of love,