I dare you to watch the following films…

I believe amongst the great heroes of our time, center stage is taken by independent film-makers. Over the last years, I have watched so many movies – many of which have literally changed my life and my view of this world. I have collected all the trailers of ones I know in this list. Lots of them will be on Netflix (sooner or later). Others are free on YouTube or for rent and sale on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

A lot of these movies are not “easy to watch” but I believe it is for this exact same reason that they are actually able to cause people to change and care.

They all evolve around the human-animal-conflict. This is what I care about. I know there are a million other problems in the world that need our attention. But if we cannot take care of and protect the animals that rely on our love for them, as we are the species that has taken over the world right now – then sooner or later, we will be the only ones left on Earth. I, for one, would be devastated to see future generations grow up in a world without elephants… a scenario that might very well become a reality if we don’t act NOW.

Important note: A lot of these movies can make you feel very sad, angry or desperate. Especially “Dominion” is very heavy. The Dominion movement offers a Self help section on their website. I urge you not to watch all these movies at once. And you must remember that change is already on the way. We can still win this fight. Each and every one of us can make a difference. It’s not about being perfect and getting everything right instantly. But it’s about making longterm changes and educating yourself about these issues. I also made this inspirational film list with films and talks that will make you happy and give you hope.

In no particular order, I bring to you the “uncomfortable” film list:


The Last Animals.


The Ivory Game.










Dominion (full movie).

Before the flood (full movie).


Racing exctinction.


Blood Lions.



Planet Ocean (full movie).






Philip Wollen Speech.