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Today I’m talking about my safari outfits and what I can recommend to wear when on safari in Africa. If this article seems a bit biased to you, then that’s because it totally is: As of 2019, I’m officially a Craghoppers ambassador – which means that Craghoppers is supplying me with clothes for my safaris. THANK YOU, Craghoppers. Sending lots of love your way <3

However, every item I’m recommending in this post is probably available with other brands. This is just the one I use and can recommend.

My favourite safari outfits: My hat.

You ladies seem to love this hat – it’s the one item everybody always asks me about on Instagram. So, I bought this hat in South Africa and the brand is called “Rogue.” However, I have to say that I probably wouldn’t buy it again. I’ve been vegan now for almost two years and will switch to a hat that doesn’t use animal products when this one is worn out (I’m getting there pretty soon…) If you would like to get a hat for safaris, here are some ideas.

My favourite safari outfits: Shirts & blouses.

All my shirts and blouses are from Craghoppers these days because they have one incredible feature: They have in-built insect-repellent. Yes, you heard me correctly. The collection is called “Nosilife.” And while clothing can’t replace insect-repellent for your skin, the shirts definitely deter the nasty little mosquitos (but don’t worry – the clothes don’t smell or anything!).

For the ladies I can recommend this long-sleeved khaki blouse (See photo with camera below)

I am a very tall woman, so I actually have some of the men’s shirts as well. These ones here are pretty cool. Frank is wearing this one in the photo.

PS: Most valued piece of clothing from the Nosilife-collection are actually THE SOCKS. Malaria-mosquitoes like biting you around the ankles, so you want to make sure this part of your body is very well protected!

NOTE: Always use insect-repellent for the skin as well!

My favourite safari outfits: Jackets & dresses.

I always bring one or two light-weight dresses with me on safari – all natural colours of course. My all-time favourite jacket is a short green parka with lots of pockets. And you can’t underestimate the value of a good rain jacket! I was so happy I had mine with me on safari in Uganda to track the gorillas this year!

My favourite safari outfits: Accessoires.

Three simple things: A Kikoi, A Maasai-blanket and a tube-scarf. Both the Kikoi and the Maasai-Blanket you can buy in East Africa on every market and in every souvenir-shop. Tube-scarves are super-handy and I have quite a few different ones. I use them to protect my face on dusty game drives in Namibia or against the cold on chilly mornings in the African winter, I wrap my camera in one to protect it from sand and dust; and I use them as “sweat-band” on bush walks.

That’s it for now! I will probably recommend more items with time. For more detailed information on what I bring with me on safari, also have a look at my packing list.

Maasai Blanket
Maasai Blanket