My Safari Life. 



SCOTT RAMSAY: Why he loves wild Africa…

The only truly real thing is the natural world around us. - Scott Ramsay I would like to say: "I ...
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Should I stop blogging?

Hello lovelies, I'm in Australia! The last time I was in these distant parts of the world was about eight ...
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THE BIG 5 – Africas most wanted!

An African Safari is not all about the "BIG 5" and there is much more to be explored once you ...
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My Safari Photo Equipment!

Safari Photo Equipment: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - T. Roosevelt. Continue reading ...
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My Safari Packing List.

Safari Packing List: Everything I bring with me on Safari. Continue reading ...
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12 essential lessons Nature can teach us.

In 2015 I set out to live in the African wild for the biggest part of the year, training as ...
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5 must-read books before you go on Safari

These are my five favorite books about Safari-life. All of them taught me incredible things about African wildlife. They are ...
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