My lovelies, just a quick one:

Today I would like to present you with another one of my “Wonderful Wild tools”. It’s a pretty straight forward idea and the above title says it all:

Let’s sign more petitions, everybody.

In this day and age, being as connected as we are, we don’t always manage to do anything productive with this awesome gift called “internet” that has been given to us.

But, if you are at all like I was when I was still living in Berlin, you don’t really work on Friday afternoon anyway (apologies to all the bosses I used to work for…) . We just scroll through instagram waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Petition-Friday gives that time between 2pm and 6pm that you spent dozing off in your office chair a completely new meaning.

Signing petitions to protect Mother Nature is an important first step to make our voices heard – which is why so many NGO’s ask for your signatures.

How about each Friday you take ten minutes and check if there are some new petitions out there? (After a while you will find that you actually struggle to find new ones that you haven’t signed already – THAT is the whole idea.

Please find the first few NGO’s and charities below. They all have petitions a-plenty!

Oh, and maybe every last Friday of the month or so, you would also like to choose one of these NGO’s and donate a bit of money to?

Let’s make this a new habit, and have it become just as normals as brushing our teeth in the morning. Spread the word: #PETITIONFRIDAY

Lots of love,


(These are just to get you started… I will add more over time 🙂 )