The world is at a crisis point. Anyone who hasn’t gotten this message yet is either blissfully ignorant or from Mars. I don’t think I need to go into much detail here and explain the problems and challenges we are facing – just switch on the news and you will get the gist of it.

Mother Earth is bleeding. And my guess is that everybody who is reading these words right now is, to some extent, aware of that fact and is trying to change it.  We care. We know what’s up. And we want it to change. One of us might be dedicated to recycling plastic, the other protects wildlife, and a third is passionate about veganism – most of us might be doing all three things combined – and probably much more. These are merely three examples.

But here is the thing:

All these environmental issues are just the results – they are not the cause. All the heart-breaking issues broadcasted on the news each day are rooted deep within us. Deep within us, how? – Well, I like to use simple words to explain these things, so this is not going to get very complicated.

Simply put: The problem is our view of the world. We see separation instead of unity. We think in terms of “them vs. us”. We think of ourselves as a separate entity from everything else on this planet, when in fact, we are all one.

As humans, we are just another species walking about. We are made of the same atoms as not only every other human, but every other living thing on Earth.

So, here is what we get wrong:

(I am no exception to this)

Because of this separation we created between ourselves and “the other”, we are very good at pointing fingers. I bet you, everyone who reads this post is – at least to an extend – passionate about saving the planet one way or the other. But we all have different opinions on how it should be done. I see it happening all the time on social media:

People who try to make a difference find themselves regularly in the midst of a shit-storm because THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN AFTER ALL. They are not perfect. They make mistakes. They F***CK UP. Because that is what we humans do. We f***ck up. I’m not religious, but I remember this line from the bible that just happens to sum it up pretty well:

“He who is without guilt cast the first stone.”

NOBODY is perfect. We have all done things we regret; and we will never be 100% perfect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months a year, for the rest of our lives.

And what we really, truly need to stop doing in every aspect of our lives (not just when it comes to shaming people on social media) is, we need to stop the “Blame-Game”. We need to stop pointing fingers and blaming other people for what they are doing wrong.

One of my big heroes, Jane Goodall, is regularly criticised for these three things:

  1. She flies too much.
  2. She is “only” vegetarian, not vegan.
  3. She cares more for animals than she does for humans.

Let’s just get this straight: This woman has dedicated her ENTIRE LIFE to the protection of this planet – and here we are, giving her shit for it. Now, I don’t think Jane needs me to fight her battles for her, so I’m not going to present my arguments against these three points. But Jane serves as a good example of all the people who clearly care about this planet and yet, they are being ridiculed or criticised for all the things they are NOT doing, despite all the things they ARE doing.

What is wrong with us, people? Have we become incapable of seeing the good in this world?

I remember an influencer posting a photo on Instagram once of a cup of soy latté. Nothing special, you might think – but the problem was, the cup was not reusable. #shocking! And so people shat on her. The fact that she is making an effort to change her entire diet for environmental reasons was completely disregarded. Mind you, this is also a person who supports kickstarter-campaigns for new innovations to save the planet and leads a minimalist lifestyle. One tiny mistake – and suddenly she is Saddam Hussein.

I just feel like, these shit-storms are not helping anybody – not even yourself. And they might even be the main reason why many people won’t even try to “do the right thing” in the first place – because they know they will never be perfect.

We are so accustomed to focus on the negative (in both other people and ourselves) that we have unlearnt to appreciate all the positives that are happening EVERYWHERE right now.

You might think now: Yeah, but if nobody tells them what they are doing wrong, they are setting a bad example and I should be allowed to point out everything that’s wrong with this world. Nothing is ever going to change if people just look the other way.

Yes, I hear you. And I know you care. And I love you for it.

But here is why the “Blame-Game” is NOT helping your cause to save the planet AT ALL:

Simply put: We live in an energetic Universe. Everything that surrounds you – and even (or especially!) yourself, including your feelings and your thoughts – IS energy. Everything is made of tiny atoms bouncing back and forth and connecting all that is. And in terms of energy, this world is pretty black and white – which is a blessing because this keeps the matter VERY simple:

There is only positive and negative energy. There are two different stories told in this world: The positive one and the negative one.

Now, in terms of these two opposite energies, what would you say, in which category falls blame? In which category falls hate? Or anger? Or frustration? – All these crazy, little feelings that come up when you shit on someone else who has – according to your belief system – done something wrong?

I hope we can all agree that all these feelings produce very negative energy. And negative energy is the last thing Mother Earth needs right now. What she does need however, is love and care and understanding – all the positive energy she can get. I’m not saying, ignore the pressing issues of our time and look the other way. What I AM saying though is: Please cut your fellow human-beings some slack – and shift your focus elsewhere. We need to try find hopeful and positive ways to effect change. This doesn’t just go for strangers you follow on the internet, but it goes for your everyday life. It goes for your relationships. And it goes for the thoughts you think in every moment of your life.

Let’s get this one thing straight because this is the nuts and bolts of it all:

Every time  you think a negative thought, post a negative comment online, say something negative about someone else (I don’t care if it’s your mother-in-law or Donald Trump) – EVERY TIME you release negative energy – you are FEEDING the negative story of this world.

No matter how good your intentions might be – what you are putting out there is NEGATIVITY. And it’s not helping.

Does this make sense to you? Because it sure as hell does to me.

So how do I stop this negative spiral?

This is the hardest part: In order to stop feeding the negative story, you have to be AWARE of what you are doing. And this takes a lot of practice. (Maybe you have been wondering why people are starting to meditate all around you lately… it’s because they want this awareness in their lives.) Awareness is found in stillness. Awareness is found when we take the time to listen to our bodies and stop the constant mix of thought that’s playing on repeat in our own heads ALL THE TIME.

A quick story:



One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is between two “wolves” inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”


I know, your intentions are good when you are trying to tell people what they are doing wrong. But 1. Most of the times, it is very likely you are just making assumptions about their way of life, based on what you know. But as a matter fact, what you see on social media is not a fair representation of what the entire life of a person actually looks like. It is a FRACTION and as such, not enough to judge someone accurately. And 2. It really isn’t helping the planet if you release more negative stuff into it.

What you can do instead:

Simple: Just do you. Just focus on yourself and what you yourself can do better. Lead by example, rather than poking people and pointing out all the things they are not getting right just yet. Nothing is more disheartening than somebody telling you, you are just not good enough. Let’s empower each other, instead of bringing each other down. None of us will ever be perfect. But each of us can do the best we can.

(A great book to read in this regard is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz ( I currently have it on my bookshelf)


Remember: Each time you are pointing one finger at another person, three fingers are pointing back at you. And the reason you don’t like what somebody else does is usually because they remind you of your own imperfections (which is yet another striking example of the fact that WE ARE ALL ONE AND THE SAME at the end of the day. I am you and you are me and when you F***CK UP, you remind me of my own shortcomings, and I don’t like that.)

I saw this sign in front of a house once and absolutely loved it:

Please be responsible for the energy you bring into our home.


This is it, guys. This is the key. Be responsible and aware of your own energy as often as you can.

Make it a habit to shift your focus to see the beauty in your everyday life. Everything is really two things. Everything has a dark and a bright side. It is up to you which one you choose to see. There is another story happening to Mother Earth right now. But you won’t be able to see it if you only focus on the negative. Watching the news is the worst thing you can do – because the news make money from sharing the negative. You can be part of this new story. And the key to it is self-awareness. Taking inventory. Going inside. Letting go of all the things that make you angry. As you have the intellect to read this post, I believe you owe it to the world to get better at this.


Imagine what a world we could create if we all started to feed the good wolf within us!


It starts with one person in a family or a group of friends.

It spreads to an entire community or town or city or state.

Then a country.

And eventually, the entire world.

It starts with one person.


It starts with you. 


Note: None of these ideas are new. The have been around for centuries. Thought leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Einstein, Eckhart Tolle and SO many more believe that this is the way to go if we want to help save Mother Earth. I believe that it is or duty, as fortunate people with smartphones, laptops, and the ability to read and write, to spread this way of life. Not saying I’m perfect (…cause remember, nobody is 😉 ) but I’m truly hopeful to see a way out of this mess we are in. I know it’s a long shot – I’m not delusional either – but don’t tell me now that it can’t be done or that it’s hopeless because of the Trumps of this world or the big cooperations or ………………………. (insert your favourite asshole here). Let’s just all do the work, okay? Let’s just all do our best each and every day.