Hey my lovelies,

Here is my vegan shopping list for African camping roadtrips. Great thing about being vegan in Africa is, you really have to cook simply and be creative with what you can find, because you won’t find many “fancy” ingredients here in the grocery stores (except for South Africa). As a result, I make very grounded, wholesome meals and I love that.

The best supermarkets in Southern Africa I can recommend are:

  • Woolworths (more expensive but good for them “fancy items”
  • PicknPay
  • Shoprite (in Zambia oftentimes your best option, in SA not so much)

Apart from the big supermarket chains, be brave and buy your veggies and fruits on the side of the road or at the local markets. People are usually super-friendly and it’s a lot of fun!!

Needless to say, this shopping list also works in any other country outside of Africa 🙂 It is also the basis of (most) of the recipes I will share on this blog.

Happy vegan cooking, friends!

Lots of love,


PS: Here is a list of all my campfire-cooking tools as well!

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