Bush Life. 

Back in South Africa. Back in the bush. It’s been three weeks. And it’s been beautiful. We currently reside in Franks family holiday home in the Timbavati. At night the leopard sneaks past our windows. In the morning we find his fresh tracks in camp. We spend the early morning hours looking for lions, finding them every once in awhile as they lay down to rest before the heat of the day. During midday we rest or get some work done. We’re filming wuite a lot these days. Before the sun sets, we go out again, encountering elephants, buffalo, maybe a Kudu or two and definitely lots of Impalas.

It is summer in the bush. Everything suddenly seems more alive. The trees and shrubs lush green, the grass so fresh and abundant – it’s hard to believe that this used to be dry and harsh savannah ground only months before. The migratory birds have returned to these parts of the world. Their lively calls filling the air with sound.

I’m overwhelmed by it all. In the best possible way. After four months back in the big city I feel it, I need it, even more – the wildness, the Nature.

We spend the days following the same rhythm. They are good days. Following the rising and setting of the sun. Just as it should be.


Safari Sundays – the weekly WW – Vlog!

What will the new year bring?

Well, I’m busy filming for my new youtube channel these days, sharing updates from our life out in the bush. It is going to be the most personal story I have shared so far. Every Sunday I will upload a new episode. For me personally, this almost means coming back to where I once started: I worked for television before I came out here. It feels great to be able to combine my old profession with the new one. The vlog will be in English, by the way.

Follow our adventures on Youtube here!


2017 Announcements

Our calendar for 2017 is filling up slowly but surely. I will stay in the bush till mid Feb and then return to Germany for some book readings and interviews. In March I will be giving some presentations and readings of my book at ITB BERLIN. In April / May I will be back in Africa.

People ask me a lot these days: “So, are you a real safari guide now?”

The answer is yes, I am. However, I’m not stationed in one lodge only, but rather Frank and I are operating all over Southern Africa, planning and guiding tailor-made tours through South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana. If you are interested in coming on tour with us in the future, just drop me a line: hello@wonderfulwild.com , so we can talk safari!

Friends, that’s it from here at the moment. The sun is about to set, which makes this the perfect time to go out and look for leopards… wish me luck!


Lots of love,