Australia – Homage to my younger self.


Our time here in Australia slowly comes to an end. Next week we’ll be back in the bush – I can’t hardly wait! The Australia-visit was however very important for me personally. This is where my first solo longterm trip lead me almost nine years ago. So in a way, it almost felt like coming home.

Like so many others, I had planned a year of “Work and Travel” back then. It’s a fairly strange, yet sweet feeling to be able to return to some of the places that I last visited when I was, in so many ways, a completely different person. I was so young then. And I still remember all the fears and sorrows I had. I remember especially well the worries I had about my future, but also a big portion of momentum and the determination to come out of this chaos with more strength and confidence than ever. 

I only realize now that I’m back, just how much I missed out on the last atme I was here – mainly because Was so busy finding myself that I didn’t enjoy the here and now at all. Living in the moment was simply not possible – with all the questions in my head that demanded answers.

What a blessing to be able to return! This time Australia feels different. I’m enjoying being here. After my book got published in September, I was busy with exactly that: my book. And even though this was such an incredible experience, it was also a bit draining – especially from a creative point of view. Might also be there German weather and the fact that I spend most of my Berlin time indoors.

In Australia I was now able to recharge, walk in the sunshine, swim in the ocean, take the time to just be for a while.

What I finally enjoy doing again is my favorite pastime: I’m reading again! Something I wasn’t able to enjoy for the last couple of years. There was just too much happening and if anything, I read about African mammals and trees…

I find now that my reading habits have changed quite a bit over the years. These days, I enjoy reading non-fiction and true stories, whereas when I was younger, all was interested in was fictional stories and novels.

I think my new-found love to hit the books again is also due to the fact that they’re not actually books… I have treated myself to a bit of luxury – I’m now am in possession of a kindle…. Quite a big step for me, because I was always a firm believer in the ‘real’ books. But I have to admit that it’s so great having a kindle when you’re traveling. And although it will never replace my favorite ‘real’ books, the kindle is great to brush up on knowledge and get new ideas!

In case you are interested, here is a selection of books I’m currently reading:


South Africa – Our life in the bush.


And there is another new luxury in my life these days: I spend a lot of time thinking about and creating a happy and healthy life. And, as we all know, this always starts within. The last years have always been about “getting somewhere” and making the future work for me.

My new approach is to live in the ‘Now’ as good as I possibly can. Things that never had a lot of room in my life, now finally fight their way through: I’m cooking a lot of healthy foods and am trying out new recipes. I do a lot of Yoga lately and am even trying meditation! – Not for spiritual reasons, but simply because I would like my mind to be quiet for once.

It feels great so far!

Maybe that’s also why I cannot wait to go back to the bush: You know, out there it is so easy to live a happy, simple life – you don’t really have another choice than to do the following:

  • Be outside in Nature all day
  • Walk in the sunshine
  • Cook yourself some simple meals
  • Play guitar and sing for entertainment
  • Be connected to the outside world only once a day
  • not having a TV
  • Study animal behavior and learn about Nature
  • Spend every day amongst elephants
  • Follow the sun
  • Sleep a lot every night

It is life in it’s purest form. I can’t wait.


The next update will reach you from that happy place!

Until then: lots of love,