After listing the life-changing, but at times very uncomfortable and sad films I have watched over the last years about the human-animal-conflict, I felt the need to show the other side of the coin as well. There is a good story that is being told in this world. There are people out there who are doing all they can to make this world a better place. They are an inspiration to us all. And they are vital to help us remember that this world is still a good place, as long as there are good people.

Here comes a list of films and videos that I hope will inspire you to see the bright side – and to become a ray of light yourself. Because we need your light now more than ever.


The Third Industrial Revolution.


Maggie Doyle’s Speech.


Forest Man.

Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk.

This speech by Peter Dinklage.

Damien Mander Ted Talk.

Gratitude Short Film.

How will we survive when the population hits 10 billion?


VEGAN 2018.

Planet Earth.

Life is easy.


What makes a good life?