Hello lovelies,

I’m in Australia! The last time I was in these distant parts of the world was about eight years ago. And now that I’ve finally overcome my jet lag, I’m very happy to be back here – especially because WINTER IS COMING to Germany…

This month Frank and I are sharing our time between Brisbane, where the safariFRANK Office is, and Byron Bay, where the beach is. So work-Life-Balance is pretty much at order these days 😉

I have to say though that I miss Africa more and more with each passing day. Mid december we will return to have ourselves a merry little christmas in the bush. I honestly cannot wait. Suffering from serious elephant-withdrawal-symptoms.

But now the important stuff:

What’s up with the blog?

It has gone quiet on Wonderful Wild – at least on the blog itself. I’m still fairly active on social media, especially on Instagram  – but why no more new blog articles?

Long story short: Blogging annoys me. 

Folks, let me tell you honestly: Blogging doesn’t bring me joy anymore. I can hardly ever bring myself to write a new article. And then that annoys me even more. So the blog has become a big, fat annoyance rather than something I should enjoy doing.

But why is that?


  • My own expectations are too high. Right from the start it was always my aim to write stories rather than articles. They were always longer than internet-articles should be and I always tried to write in the best and most beautiful possible. That took a lot of time. while at the same time, I always felt that it wasn’t the right thing to do on the internet. It felt like my efforts are for nothing.
  • Filming and taking photos is so much more fun! Don’t get me wrong: I love writing and getting my own book on paper was the single most rewarding thing I have ever accomplished. I hope I get to do more book projects in the future (maybe one day even in English…). But I have to admit that on the internet I don’t believe writing is the best medium for me. I’m currently looking into other options to share content, mainly filming… stay tuned 😉
  • I don’t want to write “10-things-you-have-to-do-in-articles”.  My biggest blogging-problem? It’s so important ti write reader- and internet-friendly articles. It’s about the reach and the numbers and the question how to get people to click on your link today instead of all the others out there. I like writing long pieces = not ideal in a blog.
  • Everything is pretty good these days :-). Blogging for me was first and foremost a way to express thoughts and worries and questions I had about this world I was thrown into. It helps to write for a readership that shares the same beliefs, has the same fears and questions. Sometimes there is nothing better than to hear the words “I know exactly how you feel!” or “You are not alone with this.” But these days I find myself not needing this acknowledgement anymore. The voices in my head are quiet. I have found my place.


… Should I stop blogging? 

I asked myself the question a lot in the last weeks. Why pay for a blog domain if I’m not blogging?

My future lies in the safari industry – as a guide as well as a cinematographer and writer. The original dream to make money from blogging has shifted to this new reality.

However, I decided today I’m going to keep on blogging – just a bit differently.


I’m going to try out a new (…old?) approach: I want to bring my blog back to the roots. In the future Wonderful Wild will become what blogs  originally were: A diary. Honest. Simple. To the point. If I can tell you honestly, one of the very few blogs I enjoy reading is this one:


The simple diary of a bush-pilot in Africa. Awesome.

That’s where I would like to be headed as well. No thought-provoking articles or literary masterpieces, no key-word-focused articles or deep thoughts.

Just a diary of my safari life.

Frank and I will be traveling a lot next year – from Australia to Africa to Europe. It will be many thing, but the one thing it won’t be is boring.

I hope to keep you guys posted this way as well as share a bit of my passion for the African Wilderness – and hopefully rediscover my love for this blog.

It’s going to be an experiment.

I hope you’ll stick around for this next adventure :-)

Lots of love from Brisbane,