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Friends, it’s official! Wonderful Wild now has a partner:




safariFRANK is a boutique, family-run adventure tour operator based in Brisbane, Australia and Maun, Botswana. They’re born and bred Africans and seasoned ‘Safariers’. safariFRANK want to show fellow travellers how African locals safari. Heading into the African bush, walking, canoeing, on horseback, by bike and sometimes in 4×4’s. And if you were wondering… yes, there actually is a Frank. In 2016, I spend over three months traveling with them and had a look at all their products, trips and partners! Read about this trip here. 

The idea behind this cooperation is this: I am not a travel agent. And I’m also aware of the fact that I won’t be able to take each and everyone of you on safari myself (… Although…It might be worth a try ;-)) Anyway, I still wanted to give all of you guys the chance to fulfill your very own African dreams. I promise you, with safariFRANK you are in good hands. The support and service is quick, professional and personal! I love these guys – and I’m sure so will you!

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