My Safari Life. 

Free Stuff

This is a collection of free things I assembled over the years. Some of it is free stuff I found online. Some of it is stuff I made for you, because I like you. I will add more and more things with time, so it’s worth checking out this page every now and then. Enjoy :-)

Safari Packing List: My personal packing list with everything you need to enjoy your safari holiday


Pixlr Editor: This is a free online photo editing software that works just like Photoshop.

Free Workshop: How to write travel stories that sell: If you want to improve your travel writing, this free course is definitely worth checking out!

Blogging Guide by Jeff Goins: Learn how to build an audience of 100,000 blog readers in 18 months, what it takes to turn pro, and how to make a difference with your message.

Vimeo Video School: Cool tutorial videos on how to get better results filming stuff.

Arrival Guides: you just enter the place you are traveling to and get a beautiful free mini arrival guide as download. No Email-Sign-Up or anything.

Body Rock Beginner Bootcamp: People who know me know that I hate gyms. Too many people. However, while I was writing my book over the last weeks, I simply couldn’t just sit around all day. This is a 1-month-workout-course with a ten-minute-video send to you each day and it costs absolutely nothing!

…Did you know? Amazon has a lot of classics for free download! You can even get one of my all-time favorite books “Treasure Island:-)

Oh so lovely graphic design freebies

Beautiful travel quotes and illustrations: Go visit Nina at – she creates beautiful things for you. This beautiful person also designed my logo :-)