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My lovelies, just a quick one: Today I would like to present you with another one of my “Wonderful Wild tools”. It’s a pretty straight forward idea and the above title says it all: Let’s sign more petitions, everybody. In…

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Wonderful Wild life-hacks to survive in a big city.

I’m not saying “big-city-life sucks” but Nature deprivation is real when you live surrounded by concrete. However, for me personally, big city life really never was the right thing and the transition back into my very own wonderful wild state of mind started long before I decided to leave Berlin. It started right there, with a change of heart and a change of habits.

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Wonderful Wild Stories

The following is a collection of stories, facts and ideas from the African Wild. They are meant to inspire, educate and make you wonder. Feel free to download by right-clicking on the image and sharing them wherever you like. They…

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