1. Go for a walk.
  2. Turn off your smartphone.
  3. Write a story.
  4. Think of 5 major events in your life that made you proud.
  5. Clear out your closet.
  6. Climb a tree.
  7. Sing.
  8. Tell that someone how you feel.
  9. Plan your next adventure.
  10. Look for a four-leaved clover.
  11. Watch a film that will change your life.
  12. Go on a photo-walk, taking only pictures of things with the same color.
  13. Read your favorite childrens book.
  14. Make a bonfire.
  15. Cook something you’ve never cooked before.
  16. Foster an elephant.
  17. Kiss someone you love.
  18. If you don’t have someone right now, kiss yourself on the hand. Loving yourself is just as important as loving another person.
  19. Come up with a list of 15 places you would like to visit next.
  20. Put the first little bit of money aside to save for an adventure.
  21. Start a tumblr-page and collect wonderful, wild pictures that inspire you.
  22. Create something with your hands – be it knitting, kneading or baking!
  23. Get yourself a coloring book for adults and some pencils!
  24. Talk to a stranger.
  25. Try out a new café.
  26. Spend a whole day not spending any money.
  27. Spend a whole day by yourself.
  28. Go into the woods by yourself. (But make sure to be back before dark)
  29. Walk barefoot.
  30. Learn how to play an instrument.
  31. Picture a place that makes you happy.
  32. Picture a person that makes you happy.
  33. Get a notebook and start collecting your favorite quotes in it.
  34. Laugh. Out. Loud.
  35. Meditate.
  36. If you’re a girl: Leave the house not wearing make-up.
  37. If you’re a guy: Leave the house wearing make-up.
  38. Think of the bravest thing you could ever do and then make the first little step towards that thing.
  39. Come up with titles for your own biography.
  40. Write a letter to your 15-year-old self.
  41. Write a letter to your 80-year-old-self.
  42. Learn something new.
  43. Write an uplifting note and hide it in a public place for a stranger to find, then watch his/her face, when he/she finds it.
  44. Say thank you to the next person you talk to – and mean it.
  45. Stop comparing your own chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.
  46. Call a friend. No, not text, not Facebook-messenger. CALL.
  47. Walk to work instead of taking public transport.
  48. Have a micro-adventure.
  49. Go to a bar, alone, without your phone, order a drink and just sit there without being uncomfortable.
  50. Stand on one leg like a flamingo for as long as you can.
  51. Go to the public library and check out the travel section.
  52. Look at yourself in the mirror for as long as you can and try not to blink.
  53. Drink a glass of whiskey. (Actually, make sure you always have a bottle of whiskey at home…)
  54. Go to a tango night (because there is a tango night in every city!) and even if you can’t dance (like me) just watch the dancers move.
  55. Forgive your ex. It is time to move on.
  56. Wake up before the sun rises and enjoy the peacefulness of the early hour.
  57. Learn how to juggle.
  58. Take yourself on a date: See a movie, go to a museum, go for a walk, have dinner. Spoil yourself.
  59. Do that thing. What thing? That thing you’ve been putting off for too long because you’re scared of what people might think.
  60. Invest some money in bursting bubbles. One should always have some bursting bubbles at hand.
  61. Write an email to your future self.
  62. Sit on a park bench and really look at the people walking by. Try to collect as much information as possible based on their appearance.
  63. Close your eyes – now! And picture the room you’re in with as much detail as possible.
  64. List 50 things you’re good at. Yes, that’s right: 50.
  65. Eat some bacon.
  66. Drop me a line: hello@wonderfulwild.com
  67. Light a candle, make yourself a cup of tea and read your favorite book again.
  68. Go for a swim.
  69. Watch this great performance of Neil Armstrong singing “What a wonderful world”.
  70. Hug a tree.
  71. Go to an elevated place and watch the sunset with a beer and a friend.
  72. Listen.
  73. Every time you feel like you might get angry, make the conscious decision not to.
  74. Instead of buying something new for yourself, buy a gift for someone you love.
  75. Go camping.
  76. Watch this unbelievably inspiring video. 
  77. Make it a habit to smile more. It confuses people.
  78. Be more like Tippi Degre.
  79. Sleep. It is good for you.
  80. Listen to David Bowies “Heroes”.
  81. Check out these options to travel on a shoestring: wwoof.org / workaway.info
  82. Watch free documentaries on youtube rather than scrolling through your Facebook-timeline for the millionth time.
  83. Learn how to tell a good ghost-story. You might need it one day…
  84. Learn how to tell a good joke. You might need it one day…
  85. Howl at the moon.
  86. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Keep that list in your wallet.
  87. Go to a public place and sit down on the floor. This is not about being an idiot. This is about facing your fears.
  88. Next time you want to take a selfie – ask someone to take the picture for you. Looks much better anyway…
  89. Go to a really dark place at night and look up at the stars.
  90. Listen to J.K. Rowlings commencement speech.
  91. For ten minutes, lie on the floor with your eyes closed and try to relax every muscle in your body.
  92. Read the Holstee Manifesto. 
  93. Put a secret in a box and burry it somewhere. (Just like in Amélie or Jumanji…)
  94. Actually, watch Amélie and Jumanji again! What the hell!
  95. Watch this video and ask yourself: Is it possible to be happy with this life?
  96. Go to a playground and seesaw.
  97. Open a book and smell the pages.
  98. Live as simply as you can. Love as big as you can.
  99. Always pack light.
  100. Share a thing that makes you feel wonderful with me on Instagram: @wonderful_wild.